Dynamic42 GmbH, Germany

Dynamic42 is a thriving start-up company in the field of microphysiological systems. Our vision is to develop and market new, easy to use three-dimensional microfluidic-based in vitro cell culture technology and platform solutions for industry as well as academia (microphysiological system technology). These can be implemented in various fields ranging from pharmaceutical drug screening over chemical testing to evaluation of food supplements. Additionally we already provide screening and model development services as CRO.
The Dynamic42 GmbH was found in early 2018 as a spin-off from the Jena University Hospital, Germany. We are located and well connected within the fast developing science landscape of cell biology, microbiology, biotechnology, optics and photonics in Jena, Germany. Our main expertise focuses on integrating immune cell biology into microphysiological systems.
Dynamic42 unites knowledge from biochemists, cell biologists, engineers, programmers and former pharma application specialists under its roof. As unique strength, the team has more than a decade of experience in immune cell isolation, culture, inflammation modeling and analysis as well as applying microfluidics in the context of human biology. Thus, we provide services, but also knowledge and valuable feedback for the development, evaluation and refinement of microphysiological systems. Our own portfolio comprises models of the liver, intestine and alveolus which are currently used for screenings, disease modeling (NASH, IBD, fibrosis) and infection studies (s. aureus, influenza).