Name: Mathilda Kaminska

Host Organisation: Jena University Hospital, Germany

INSPIRE Lab (PI: Dr. Alexander Mosig)

Project Title: Emulation of the human gut in an integrated microfluidic organ-on-chip platform for investigation of human microbiome host interactions.

  1. Bioengineering of hiPSC derived tissues emulating organotypic microphysiological conditions of the human gut;
  2. Establish a physiological model of the human microbiome colonizing the gut-on-chip model;
  3. Study physiological host-microbiome interactions at the cellular level as well as pathophysiological alterations of these mechanisms in the context of human dysbiosis and infection.

Not decided.

Mathilda is PhD student and holds BSc. in Biochemistry and a MSc. in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience (specialising in Fundamental Neuroscience). She is an Early Stage Researcher in the Innovative Training Network EUROoC and develops a hiPSC based gut-on-chip model. She is in particular interested in host-microbiota interactions and the effect of the microbiome on neural activity within the gut and along the gut-brain-axis.