EUROoC comprises a collection of innovative research projects addressing the development of advanced OoC systems with higher physiological significance going beyond current in vitro testing. The EUROoC project will create advanced OoCs, which closely recapitulate properties of the respective organ tissues in vivo regarding cell types, microenvironment, organ-specific tissue structure and function as well as concepts for the interconnection of individual OoCs.

The various OoC models to be developed comprise heart-on-a-chip, bone-on-a-chip, retina-on-a-chip, lung-on-a-chip, adipose- on-a-chip, guton-a-chip to liver-on-a-chip. The OoC systems will be able to monitor and analyse tissue functionality and response in situ by integrating various novel sensing elements. The OoCs developed will be tested with the regulatory partners through in vitro-in vivo correlations.


Parallelisable microfluidic Heart-on-a-chip systems with integrated sensing capability to monitor maturation and functionality of cardiac microtissues

Application and quantification of mechanical load to a 3D bone-tissue analogue within a microfluidic device – bone-on-a-chip

Development of a microphysiological system that integrates and differentiates tissue-specific ECs

Development of a microfludic-based OoC model as a device for modelling cellular therapy approaches

Gut-on-a-chip modelling microbiome dysbiosis

Retina-on-Chip with Local Oxygen Sensing

Development of an acute lung infection model

Microfluidic methods for bead-based assays on-chip

Development of defined matrices for next-generation OoC systems

Microvasculature-on-a-chip modelling degenerative vascular disease

Establishment of a liver zonation and infection model

Integration of on-chip TEER measurement and of iPSC-derived epithelial cells in the HuMiX gut/microbiome model

Human immunocompetent WAT-on-a-chip system with integrated sensors

Optical sensor systems for multi-parametric monitoring and control of OoCs

Optical sensor concepts for monitoring metabolic activity


Information will follow soon.